Ultimate saiyan fighter universe APK

Ultimate saiyan fighter universe APK

Informations sur l'application of Ultimate saiyan fighter universe APK

Nom de l'application Ultimate saiyan fighter universe
Nom du paquet com.ultra.fighterpower
Version actuelle 2.8
Rating 8.6 ( 2467 )
Taille 223.3 MB
Nécessite Android Android 4.0.3+
Mise à jour 2018-05-10
Installe 50,000+
Catégorie Action, Games

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Description de Ultimate saiyan fighter universe APK

Ultimate saiyan fighter univers is goku with ultra insting
Ultimate saiyan Songoku fighter saiyan with team
the saiyan combat universe is a goku son battle game and his comrades in a 1 vs 1 duel tournament. You can have a hero or a desired character and can fight anyone according to the character you choose.
this game is for all goku lovers and aims only for fun with various lightweight emulator tools already in the ready-made app.

existing characters:
Super Buu
piccolo and all other characters.

Transform Super seiya (session higher)

To change the character eg Goku to be super seiyan press the O + round O button simultaneously.
Characters change if you already have a character arcade dimode, and to get it we have to fulfill the mission. The menu is on Another Road.


Higher sessions I mean are characters that can not really turn into super seiyan but level with super seiyan.

Hit (Direct melee attack mode)
The melee attack mode is meant to be like punches, kicks, etc., the buttons that must be pressed vary.

Square (twice) triangle (one time)
Box (three times) triangle (one time)
Square (four times) triangle (one time)
Triangle + right * maximize (hold)
Triangle + left * maximize (hold)
Triangle + up * maximize (hold)
Triangle + down * maximize (hold)
+ Left box
Right + Box

Defensive (survive)
Defensive mode if we are attacked by ourselves can also vary.

X (survived)
X + left (if we are attacked from the right)
X + right (if we are attacked from the left)

Such variations require the right energy and moment, the impact that occurs as the character is attacked disappears and appears just behind the opponent.

Hit (jutsu attack mode / jurus)
Jutsu attack mode or stance is more inclined to maximum energy loss 7 bar energy.

O (short shot)
O * hold (medium size short shot)
O + top (main jutsu)
O + left (jutsu / second jutsu)
O + right (jutsu / third step)

L (to charge energy)
R (for super energy mode)


We do not cooperate in any field with the trademark owner Goku. The app complies with the U.S. Copyright Act guidelines on “fair use”. if you feel there is a copyright infringement or a direct trademark that does not follow the “fair use” guidelines, please contact us directly. Our app is not official, this final saiyan combat fighter game is for fan purposes only, unofficial or created by the original creator.
so for goku fans, let’s play this game together.
Will update ultra insting