Snake and Ladder Game-Sap Sidi APK

Snake and Ladder Game-Sap Sidi APK

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Description de Snake and Ladder Game-Sap Sidi APK

Snakes and Ladders is the simplest and best time Passing game with lots of fun!

This Snakes and Ladders Game is also Known as Saanp Seedi Game. Sap Sidi Game is Two Player Game, we have to play is with Dies. In Snakes and Ladders Game Snacks and Ladders are pictured on Square Board with 1 to 100 Digits Numbers. Snakes and Ladders game is very popular among Kids. They can play this Sap Sidi Game with Their Parents, Friends and Family.


In earlier period the game was known as game Ludo and Parcheesi but later the name changed and it is called Snake and Ladder Game. It is very old and ancient game played by today’s generation also. Below given are different names of it:

Snake and Ladder Ludo Free Games
Snake and Ladder Game
Snakes & Ladders
Snake & Ladder Game
Snakes & Ladders Ludo Game
Snake and Ladder Dice Game
Snake and ladder board game
Snake and ladder black and white
Snake N Ladder Game

Play Snake and Ladder game with your friends, kids, daughter, son, children, Grandfather, Grandmother, Dad, Mom, Mummy, Uncle, Aunty, Nani, Nana, Dadi, Dada, etc. You can with any one Sap Sidi Game. Snake and Ladder other names are Sap Sidi, Saanp Seedi and Chutes and Ladders. In Jain version it is called Gyan Chauper or Jnan Chauper.

In English this game is called Snake and Ladder or Chutes and Ladders.
In Gujarati this game is called Sap Sidi.
In Hindi this game is called Saanp Seedi, Saanp aur Seedhi or Mokshapat.
In Telugu this game is called Vaikunthapali or Paramapada Sopana Patam
In Jain this game is called Gyan Chauper or Jnan Chauper.

Snake and Ladder Board Game is very easy to play and steps for playing the Snake and Ladder are below given:

First your game piece is on Start Box.
Second throw or roll the dice and play or turn.
By throwing one dice and whatever number come the move your game piece (Kukari).
If your dice come on the ladder then Climb up the ladder.
If your dice come on the Snake then you will slide down or come down.
If you roll the dice and the number falls six then you get turn second time also.
At a time 4 Player can play this game together and you have to take turn or chance one by one.
The game starts from number 1 and ends on 100 number of the board.

The best part of the Snakes N Ladders is that the ladder helps us to win the race quickly and easy. But stay care full from snake it will pull down wards or sliding down from your position or number. Single Player, Two Player, Three Player or Four Player can play this game at a time.

The Snakes N Ladders Ludo Game starts from the left bottom corner gird or box square and ends (finish) on the left upper or top of the game board. The game is depended on the dice or die roll only. Snakes and Ladders online game is the android app.

The dice and player piece can be of any color like Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Black, White, Purple, Pink, Purple, Orange, Brown, Grey, Dark Blue, Light Green, etc. Sometimes there can be two dices also or playing Sap Sidi. Children can enjoy their vacation and fun by playing Saanp Seedi Game.

Snake means chute and ladder means ladder or Seedi (Sidi). The player who reaches first on 100 number box or last square becomes the winner. Download free Snake and ladder game and play on your android phone anywhere at any time with your friends and family. Snake and Ladder Board Game is very popular for the Childrens, Kids, Boys and Girls. Win the game and enjoy your spare time for the refreshment of the mind. So download this app now and play the Snake and Ladder Game.