OneLife – Real Life Simulator APK

OneLife – Real Life Simulator APK

Informations sur l'application of OneLife – Real Life Simulator APK

Nom de l'application OneLife - Real Life Simulator
Nom du paquet com.lukasnavickas.onelife
Version actuelle 1.0.7
Rating ( 311 )
Taille 42.1 MB
Nécessite Android Android 5.0+
Mise à jour 2019-11-12
Installe 10,000+
Catégorie Games, Simulation

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Description de OneLife – Real Life Simulator APK

ONE LIFE is a great real life simulator game to get out of an annoying routine or to find out how incredible your everyday life could ever be. It gives you the chance to choose a new university, apply for a new job, have one night stands, and make new friends.

You can experience to go out alone or with someone, to stay home, or play on the casino. Your future is in your hands! The best part though is that you do not need to leave your sofa. So, pick your favorite spot and prepare for a whole new journey in this real life simulation game.

ONE LIFE simulator game lets you do whatever you have always dreamed about and become who you deserve to be. It is a straightforward life simulator game to learn, and once you’ve played, you can have the life that you’ve dreamed of for so long.

– Apply to universities all over the world (from the Netherlands to Australia, where have you always wanted to live?)

– Work in the coolest jobs ever! (You can be an actor, a scientist, soccer player and much more)

– Develop relationships, meet new people, make friends and find a significant other

– Choose how lean your character is! (Fast food? Vegetarian? Vegan? It’s up to you! )

– Travel all over the world (Japan? Machupicchu? Safari in Africa? The sky is the limit!)

– Make your money, buy properties and shops (why not? You can be your best version!)

– Join a small, medium, or large gang to make some dirty money. (If you wish. I’m not here to judge anyone)

– Go burglarizing alone and try your luck (not everyone likes to work in a team)

– Give yourself the chance to be who you want and write your fate.

ONE LIFE simulator is more than merely a life simulation game; it’s an entirely new lifestyle. Do not let the limits of the physical world to rule the life you’re living.

If you cannot afford to be the person you want to be in your days, why not to experience it in life simulator when you have the choice?

Here it goes a list of what you could do in ONE LIFE:


Computer Science, Medicine, Biology, Music, Philosophy, English Literature, Archaeology, History, Dentistry, Veterinary, Chemistry, Communication, Finances, Architecture, Art& Design, Sports, Photography, Law, Pilot.

Get a job

Computer Technician, Actor, Dentist, Painter, Police, Babysitter, Photographer, Designer, Dancer, Bartender, Broker, Handyman, Football Player, Singer, Lawyer, Marketing Director, Receptionist, Bus Driver, or a College Professor.


Go out with friends or party hard alone. Get in 5 different gangs (from the weakest to the strongest) Travel to many various destinations like Maldives, Paris, USA, Machupicchu, and Australia.

Fall in Love

Find your love! Your character can find his/her significant other in date apps, clubbing or even in blind dates.

Play in the casino and get the chance to become a millionaire!

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