Work puzzle – maze & dress up APK

Work puzzle – maze & dress up APK

Informations sur l'application of Work puzzle – maze & dress up APK

Nom de l'application Work puzzle - maze & dress up
Nom du paquet com.jcbsystems.workpuzzle
Version actuelle
Rating ( 137 )
Taille 28.2 MB
Nécessite Android Android 4.0.3+
Mise à jour
Installe 100,000+

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Description de Work puzzle – maze & dress up APK

The ultimate app for teaching kids, preschoolers and young ones about different kinds of professions is here. Work Puzzle uses a unique and user-friendly design that even toddlers find easy to use. What makes it the most appropriate app is that there are matching puzzles, mazes, quiz and dress up features all in one place. With this app installed in smartphone or tablet, it is guaranteed that the little boys and girls will better understand about the professions in the modern society.

Kids can choose their own character in Work Puzzle as there is a list of default characters. Children can play either as a male or female character and there is endless fun that the game offers. The baby gets smarter with the help of the game as they learn dressing up the character by solving a classic puzzle, send him or her off to work by finding a way through the maze. It is amazing to see how much the children learn just using the tip of their finger. The vibrant and captivating design, colorful graphics with easy to use UI lets smart kids and preschoolers learn a lot in short time.

Work Puzzle is designed in such a way that it is kids friendly and children quickly get used to the interface of the game. Whether your child is a preschooler, in kindergarten or just a toddler, Work Puzzle is surely one of the best learning app for him or her. Kids of this age always need something to engage in and a challenge so this app will always come in handy in giving them knowledge.

It is a family game that has plenty of cute characters and the intelligent gameplay of the game helps the kids understand what they are doing. Kids use their brain to its fullest without knowing it as the fast and fun gameplay keeps them focused and entertained. Children love it when they use their logic and critical thinking and abilities for the first time and successfully solve different problems and challenges and complete missions to proceed further. No matter how old your baby is, this app uses an intelligent gameplay design so that it is compatible for all ages. It is so simple that even a 3-year old will be able to learn about professions really quick.

• Kid friendly game design
• Lots of characters and professions to choose from
• Both male and female characters from different ethnicities available for selection
• Easy to use and understand UI
• Designed to help kids use logic to finish the game
• Unlockable professions

Work Puzzle is one of the best learning apps for toddlers and preschoolers and parents can download it from Play Store to start teaching the kids about different professions in the society. All of this is done in a really fun and entertaining way so that the kids never get bored with the learning process. The HD graphics of the game are adored by kids of any grade and the app is free to download with a number of in-app purchases to make the gameplay much more exciting.
Download Work Puzzle today, and help your kids get smarter with a fun and memorable learning experience.

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