WiFi Poker Room – Texas Holdem APK

WiFi Poker Room – Texas Holdem APK

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Nom de l'application WiFi Poker Room - Texas Holdem
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Description de WiFi Poker Room – Texas Holdem APK

WiFi Poker Room is Texas Holdem poker with friends around you over WiFi. No cards or chips? Tired of constant shuffling? This app does it for you! Organize a home game or play poker while travelling on the train or airplane!

This game is local multiplayer that can be played offline. You just need to be connected to the same WiFi network or hotspot. No need to register, just create a table, connect and play some poker!

WiFi Poker Room is a great replacement to traditional poker game with cards and chips. Not everyone owns chips and even though playing with real cards is fun – shuffling is not. With this app it takes just a second to shuffle and deal cards. Bet amounts, pots and winnings are all counted for you, no room to make a mistake. You cannot bet or fold out of turn which often happens in home games. In our experience, it makes home games about 3 to 4 times faster. Being card dead can ruin a poker evening. If you can play 80 hands in an hour instead of 20 you will have a much bigger chance to actually play some good poker.

Local multiplayer nature of the game allows you play with friends around you. Observing your opponents reactions is a big part of Texas Holdem poker. You may end up making a great call or a ridiculously good fold only because you saw your friends shaky hands. Online poker does not give you this opportunity.

Playing at home is fine but why not play on the move? This 4 hour car trip, or even longer flights, might be much more tolerable if you could enjoy some good poker. Make a hotspot out of your device and play completely offline. You don’t need space, card or chips, just your phone and at least one more friend willing to play you.

Invite your friends over for a new kind of home game.

Cards are dealt face down as in real life. You don’t need to hide your phone. Put it in front of you and take a look when you’re ready and no-one is watching. When you make a great bluff show a card or two, it can really tilt your opponents… Use gestures to check and fold! Poker players often knock on the table to check and slide their cards to fold. So can you!

This game is local multiplayer. You need at least 2 Android or iOS devices to play. Up to 10 supported! Connect to the same WiFi network and start a game at selected stakes. Your table will be visible only to other players on the local WiFi network.

Playing offline multiplayer means you do not need to have internet connection to play. When you’re travelling create a personal hotspot from your device. If you’re worried about mobile data usage just disable it. No online logins or registration required.

Texas Holdem is fun but shuffling cards and dealing takes a long time, especially when playing heads-up. Now it’s just one press of a button! Tired of reminding your friends the action is on them? Their phones will vibrate when it’s their turn to act. You can also poke them!

All hands you play are saved so you can analyze your play or search for weak spots in opponents play.

If you have to stop playing, but would like to continue later, don’t worry because the game is already saved. When you create a table the game will be saved automatically during play. After reloading players’ cards and stack sizes will be restored, and everyone will be able to reconnect to your table. This is a premium feature.

If you happen to disconnect from the game, don’t worry. You can connect again and continue where you left off.
★ Fixed auto all-in issue