USA Dodge Drifting in City: Muscle Car Simulator APK

USA Dodge Drifting in City: Muscle Car Simulator APK

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Nom de l'application USA Dodge Drifting in City: Muscle Car Simulator
Nom du paquet com.ddgechlngr.rprsntmble
Version actuelle 1
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Taille 96.8 MB
Nécessite Android Android 5.0+
Mise à jour 2019-02-24
Installe 1,000+
Catégorie Games, Simulation

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Description de USA Dodge Drifting in City: Muscle Car Simulator APK

We’re glad to present you our brand-new creation: city drift simulator is here and ready! Set up your fingers and dive into the world of racing trials!
Dodge drift simulator embraces all types of racing, including traditional circuits and free ride over city areas. Lots of exotics, muscles and tuners are at your service in dodge car game. Jump behind the wheel of your choice. In any mode, on any surface the car handling is sublime and the physics are thrillingly accurate. Dodge drifting game delivers electrifying race action – squeezing all the juicy bits out of the world’s best courses, cars and race styles to deliver one huge adrenaline rush!
Here are the features prepared for you:

The vehicles are smooth to operate and are responsive to any movement of your fingers. The driving in dodge muscle car simulator combines both fun of arcade and realistic physics of a car – all of this thanks to an improved dodge drifting game engine implemented. The vehicles in muscle car simulator can spin out of track, can damage and be damaged by others and can also go out of control if you go hard on them. To make it alive and well in our muscle car challenger you’ll have to use every bit of your previous experience with racing games and dare to come in first. Keep that all in mind and try all of that to rip through your rivals in this car game!
The biggest feature of dodge challenger simulator of drifting is it’s driving area that is limited solely by your laziness. Joke. It’s only confined to resources of modern mobile hardware and common sense. But the area of v8 muscle car game is big enough to take a while to discover it and several hours to remember its sharp turns. At the same time the huge amount of optimization is done to maintain stability in the application’s work. The area of city dodge city drifting presented is waiting for you, Mr. Racer. Start your engine!
Dodge city drifting’s engine offers you one of the best graphics in the mobile games market. High resolution textures, dynamic lights, originally selected color tones, reflections of all sorts – all of that is due to improved engine’s capabilities. You will observe picturesque landscapes full of reflective mirror-like concrete jungles and beautiful scenery of natural green environment full of vegetation and interesting views in dodge challenger simulator. Each light in the environment of dodge drifting game is reflected by the vehicle’s body and that’s incredible. You will definitely love the visuals of the best free racing game in the market!
We did well in order to provide our players with most realistic sounds possible. Engine roars in dodge drifting game were our priority in order to make the content worth of experiencing. Sounds used differ depending, again, on the type of vehicle selected. You surely know it well yourself that the voice of a runabout is nothing like the one of a V12 possessor. Each car’s voice in muscle car simulator differs from another in some way. Basically, you’ll hear it. Just come closer and listen… VROOM!
Controlling an exotic vehicle is nothing like doing so with SUV or muscle-car. The first two are relatively easy to drive while the third one is best for drifting but lacks handling. We took that into account in dodge car simulator and applied easy and comfortable control scheme in which two thumbs are just enough to ride over the area. By the way, in game drift you also have lots of possibilities to customize your vehicle like changing its tires or suspension upon unlocking them in races. This will further help you to adjust your vehicle as you like it most.
Get your racing gear ready and get in a car! We’re starting dodge drift game!