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Nom de l'application Under the Castle
Nom du paquet com.winterlight.roguelike
Version actuelle 1.06
Rating ( 17 )
Taille 42.4 MB
Nécessite Android Android 4.1+
Mise à jour 2020-02-16
Installe 1,000+
Catégorie Games, Role Playing

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Description de Under the Castle APK

Under the Castle is a dungeon crawl through an ever changing labyrinth overflowing with danger and treasures of immense power!

Explore the depths under the castle in this turn-based roguelike RPG game designed for mobile devices. Create a character from ten fantasy races and numerous backgrounds allowing for hundreds of possible combinations. Games take minutes to play but months to master!


– Roguelike tactical battle engine. Cast spells, throw potions, or turn into a bear.
– Auto-explore, auto-attack, and other modern roguelike game improvements. You can explore manually, if you like, or auto-explore to the next encounter instantly. Blindly rushing into combat tends to result in the untimely death of your character, so beware!
– Hundreds of items. Weapons and armor appear on your character.
– Novel spells like Fireball, Confusion, Summon Animals, and more!

Embark on your journey today!

“Dis ex..ex… ex-po-sition is dumb like humans.” – Ogmok

“The boomerang is OP.” – Boomerang user

“My squirrel dug up an entire suit of armor” – Squirrel user
The AUTO button will now open treasure chests instead of bypassing them. If you move manually, you can cancel this action.
Goblins (except Druids which find metal abhorrent) now start with a goblin dagger.
1.06: Fixed a bug with inventory after restarting. Fixed a bug that might lock the game in some instances. Barbarians can now use Frenzy with melee weapons.