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Nom de l'application Trix 3D
Nom du paquet ammanify.card_games.trix_3d
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Rating 8.0 ( 596 )
Taille 25.2 MB
Nécessite Android Android 5.0+
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Description de Trix 3D APK

Now you can play Trix card game on your mobile and enjoy the first-of-its-kind Arabic content in 3D and the amazing artificial intelligence .

* You can choose how smart are the other players
* Three-dimensional playing experience makes you feel you are holding the cards yourself and the way shuffling, distributing, and playing the cards is way-too-realistic
* Sound FXs are fun and enjoyable
* Make sure that this game is the best in the store taking into part the arabic contents, game experience and “feel”.

For whom who does not know Trix (0_o) it is a game for 4 players where each one gets 13
cards. The Game is divided into 4 kingdoms each one has 5 games decided by Kingdom Owner which is first chosen by whomever has the 7 Hearts card. The game play is counter-clockwise.

The Games are:
1. King Of Hearts: Each player try not to take this card so they won’t be penalized by 75 points.
2. Queens: Each player try not to take any queen card which will cost them 25 points each.
3. Diamonds: Each player try not to take any Diamonds cards which will cost them 10 points each.
4. Collections: each player will try not take any collection as it will cost them 15 points each.
5. Trix: This game is of different scheme where you have to loose all of your cards on hand
by putting them in order starting from the Joker card going up to Ace and down to the 2 cards. you can not put any card unless you have the card that is immediately above it or below it of the same type. First one to finish his card gets 200 points decreasing by 50 points so that the fourth to finish will have only 50 points.

In King of Hearts and Queens game you can double your card if you have enough card to support them so that it will be shown to other players and the one whom eats it will have double the negative points whereas the one whom doubled it will have same card value plus points.

The one with the biggest score will win after you finish the 4 kingdoms!
* Added Google Leaderboard where you can compete with your winning score with other players.
* Added Google Achievements where you have to sign your game with your google accounts and complete the specific task needed.
* You can now share this awesome game with your friends
* Added a screen to show how to play Trix and the way to count the points
* Added a crown icon to show how runs the kingdom 🙂
* New authentic Arabic Cheering Sounds (Aywa ya Baaaasha)