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Nom de l'application The Leopard Online
Nom du paquet com.kookygames.leopard.simulator.fantasy.jungle
Version actuelle 1.0
Rating ( 131 )
Taille 71.9 MB
Nécessite Android Android 4.2+
Mise à jour 2018-07-17
Installe 5,000+
Catégorie Games, Simulation

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Description de The Leopard Online APK

Fusion of animal simulator games 2018 in low poly wild adventure forest. The Leopard Online Simulator in Fantasy Jungle is specially made for the lovers of wild animal games. Play this online multiplayer leopard game with your friends. Be a snow leopard or forest leopard and join most fearless snow leopard pack or clan in the entire forest. Fight against other wild animals and survive in the wilderness of fantasy jungle in leopard family survival simulator. Raise a snow leopard family in the family simulator game. Breed cubs in new RPG adventure and survival jungle simulation action game. Unlock or purchase unique skins and power attacks and magic powers and use them while fighting against jungle predators. In leopard fighting games, start fight and hunting for survival of your leopard family against other wild animals like jaguar, ice bear, scorpion, ibex, rabbit, tiger, lion and many more wild animals in wild leopard sim 3d.

In this leopard simulator with the best of leopard family sim with online multiplayer gameplay is best leopard family game. You have to search mate in this family simulator and start breeding cubs, take care of little cubs and hunt for them in the wilderness of savanna jungle and in arctic environment as snow leopard. Animal simulator games 2018 with the twist of leopard simulator games were never been so thrilling. Play leopard simulator and enjoy the fantasy wild savanna jungle adventure fun with RPG type quest based gameplay. This wild leopard simulator has leopard racing and other wild animal racing features. In this The Leopard Online, join the wild leopard sim 3d and have experience of ultimate wildlife fighting, survival and hunting.

Use your magic attack powers while fighting with other animals for quick hunting and killing in wild animal games. Fight like a real leopard in best of leopard games. Live the life of a wild, vicious snow leopard, and lead your prowl as you look to slaughter any creature that crosses your path. Hunt and bring down other wild beasts and start hunting prey like rabbit, duck and snake as a big cat of forest. Use your hunting skills as you turn other jungle predators for leopard family in this leopard simulator. Ultimate fighting in the missions of leopard survival and leopard family survival against panther, lion, cheetah and ferocious tiger. Check your attack strength with your attacks including, bite, claw or pounce and other magic fire ball automated power attack for instant kills.

Features of The Leopard Online:

↗ Play with your friends in online multiplayer games.
↗ Advanced attack & hunting powers in leopard survival simulator.
↗ Find mate, raise leopard family, start breeding & hunt for them in family simulator games.
↗ Wildlife open world landscapes including safari & savanna forest & arctic life.
↗ Battle dangerous & powerful enemies, take down vicious bosses.
↗ Wild animal racing feature, including leopard, tiger and lion racing for animal racing games lovers.
↗ Fight for survival against other wild animals & 3D fantasy safari jungle predators.
↗ Leopard simulator games with HD graphics & RPG snow leopard family sim gameplay in leopard fighting games.
↗ African leopard family with survival & quest.