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Nom de l'application SPANISH QUEST
Nom du paquet kikenji.spanishquest
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Taille 5.3 MB
Nécessite Android Android 4.2+
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Catégorie Educational, Games

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Description de SPANISH QUEST APK

SPANISH QUEST is a RPG game for the people learning Spanish. You can master basic Spanish verb’s conjugation and vocabulary at once as you enjoy this game.
This game’s goal is simple. Climb up the tower to 10th story and destroy all enemies!


Title View

You can change settings in title view.
Click ‘START’ for your first play. If you have any save data, then click ‘CONTINUE’.
You can change BGM setting in ON or OFF. You also can change it in your game.
Question setting asks you which question type you prefer. You can choose one from ‘Only Word”, “Only Conjugation” or ‘Both’. Default is ‘Both’.
Language setting allows you to select 3 languages. English, Spanish and Japanese. Change language would be fun when you’re improved well.


You can shop many things in the town.
Inn offers you full HP recover and SAVING DATA. If you die in the tower, then you must go back to last saving data. Therefore frequent data saving is recommended.
You can buy weapons, armors and tools in the town. Tool shop has some useful items which you can explore in the tower comfortably. Don’t miss it.
Dictionary has all of answers which you should memorize for. You can check it even in the tower.
Are you ready? then click ‘To the Tower’!


You can move the hero by clicking Cross-Shaped key. Also keeping pressing the key is useful to continuous movement.
Treasure chests may have golds(money), medicines, bombs, keys, and even rare-items. You need the key to open a door in a floor.

You can break walls by exploding bombs. A bombs button is at the lower left of Cross-Shaped key. Also other buttons are BGM button and Dictionary button.

The top floor is 10th. The more you climb up, the greater enemies you have. Be careful and get experiences good enough.


You have 2 kinds of enemy. One asks you about Spanish verb’s conjugation and other does about vocabulary. You should answer correctly and quickly because quick answers give enemies huge damages.
You CANNOT ran away from enemies. Have a good fight!


If you feel this game is too difficult, then you should train well on first floor. Because enemies of first floor are weak and their questions are also easy.

If you want to go back to the town quickly, then drop yourself from edge of floor!

You have to improve your weapons just step by step but if you’re lucky, maybe you find something good in the tower.

Rumor says, somewhere in the tower, there are a special treasure and strongest weapons…

Thank you for reading and enjoy SPANISH QUEST!