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Nom de l'application Solo Knight
Nom du paquet com.Shimmer.SoloKnight
Version actuelle 1.0.016
Rating 8.0
Taille 148.4 MB
Nécessite Android Android 4.1+
Mise à jour 2019-10-23
Installe 5,000+
Catégorie Games, Role Playing

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Description de Solo Knight APK

Solo Knight is an online action RPG. It is designed for the players who love loots & build gameplay.

We want to make the equipment unique, so we design a bind skill for every equipment. When you change your equipment, you also change your skills and the way to fight.

-80+ RUNES
Each equipment skill can by modified by runes. For example, your equipment skill is to launch 1 fireball, with runes, you can launch more fireballs, or enlarge the fireballs, or divide into 3 small fireballs after hit the enemy, or change them to ice balls, or summon a totem to launch fireballs instead of yourself.

We design 2 passive trees, offense & defense. Every time you level up, your character can get 1 perk point. You need to plan your points on the perks which can enhance your equipment skills and runes.

Your time is precious. You can challenge the kills per min online by using your action skills and make a better build, then we will calculate your offline rewards according to your online kills. You do not need to open your phone always just for the loots.

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1.Reduce most weapon skills’ CD to 0
2.Modified the elemental damage calculation formula
3.Cancel the lv requirement of the player to pass 90/100…
4.Modified loot config
5.Modified arena refresh time to 24h, add gold and gems to arena chest
6.Randmoly get enhance attributes, can be upgraded by forging the same equipment
7.Randomly get suit attributes for perfect and upper quality equipment