Pocket Rogue (Simple Roguelike) APK

Pocket Rogue (Simple Roguelike) APK

Informations sur l'application of Pocket Rogue (Simple Roguelike) APK

Nom de l'application Pocket Rogue (Simple Roguelike)
Nom du paquet com.game.sh_crew.pocketrogue
Version actuelle 2.2.2
Rating ( 997 )
Taille 24.0 MB
Nécessite Android Android 5.0+
Mise à jour 2020-02-23
Installe 10,000+
Catégorie Games, Role Playing

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Description de Pocket Rogue (Simple Roguelike) APK

◆ Overview

Pocket Rogue is a simple roguelike. It’s so simple, you can play it with one hand!
Play it on your way to school or while commuting to pass the time!

◆ Game Description

• Buttons:
Direction Buttons: Moves the player in the direction the arrows are pointing.
Compass Button: Shows the direction the player is facing. Pressing it rotates the player in a clockwise direction.
Arrow Button: Shoots an arrow in the direction the player is facing. Arrows are unlimited.
Sword Button: Attack in the direction the player is facing.
Inventory Button: Displays the inventory where items can be equipped or used.

• Symbols:
【@】: The Player (You)
【|】: Vertical Wall
【-】: Horizontal Wall
【.】: Floor
【#】: Aisle
【+】: Door
【%】: Stairs
【^】: Trap
【)】: Sword
【(】: Arrow
【[】: Shield
【=】: Ring
【!】: Medicine
【?】: Scroll
【:】: Food
【*】: Jewel
【&】: Adventurer’s Journal (adventure tips)
【$】: Ad Store
【A-Z】: Monster

• Monster Colors:
White: Beasts
Brown: Spirits
Gray: Devils
Green: Reptiles

◆ Miscellaneous

Rankings are deleted from time to time.
■ Version 2.2.2
・Update Ad Library
■ Version 2.2.1
・Fixed a bug that could not be started when updating to Version 2.2.0
■ Version 2.2.0
・Fixed to make it easier to level up without removing weapons and armor
・Fixed a bug that the settings would return to the original settings every time
・Fixed sacrificial arrow penalty condition
■ Version 2.1.9
Fixed menu bug
■ Version 2.1.8
add new Map
■ Version 2.1.7
Fixed a bit things
■ Version 2.1.6
Fixed knockback bug