Paradise and Ruins 2D MMORPG MMO RPG Online APK

Paradise and Ruins 2D MMORPG MMO RPG Online APK

Informations sur l'application of Paradise and Ruins 2D MMORPG MMO RPG Online APK

Nom de l'application Paradise and Ruins 2D MMORPG MMO RPG Online
Nom du paquet com.paradiseandruins.v2
Version actuelle 1.58538
Rating 5.0
Taille 46.9 MB
Nécessite Android Android 4.1+
Mise à jour 2020-02-24
Installe 10,000+
Catégorie Games, Role Playing

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Description de Paradise and Ruins 2D MMORPG MMO RPG Online APK

Paradise and Ruins is a free to play Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game where you are sent to a distant solar system, Alpha Centauri, to find new habitable land for mankind back on Earth.

Upon reaching the proximity of a potential planet, you find yourself in some sort of black-hole storm. You lose control of your spacecraft in the storm and as you crash land on the planet, you damage all your vital equipment.

As you begin to set foot on this new unknown land, you hear noises you’ve never heard before around you. You’re Injured but determined. You salvage any weapons and armour you can find and embark on a journey.

Your adventure begins.

Game features include:

* Explore your way through many monsters and players in an open world. Full PvP and PvE environments

* Become a Melee, projectile, mage/explosives or healer class by changing weapons

* Expanding array of weapons, armour and items. They come in Common, Rare and Legendary tiers

* Level up your character and customize character build with SABERS stats and weapons system

* Team up with your friends create a guild with in-game ranking system

* Defeat wild bosses and find rare and legendary items

* Level up pets to help you in your quests

* Find mountable pets that you can ride

* Trade items with other players

* Player driven XP event system that all players can participate in

For more information:
This is a patch update for bug fixes and improvements
– Fixed PVP bounty when innocent pks killer/offender so they get the bounty+reward
– Fixed mimic attack animation (when attacking shouldnt be a rock)
– Fixed mob start position which was causing mobs to try return to their old start position
– Fixed weapon outfit not showing correct price/image, and face showing on some head/body outfits
– Added level requirement checking for missions