Informations sur l'application of Nizu: Become Brave APK

Nom de l'application Nizu: Become Brave
Nom du paquet com.Espinogames.NizuCandyWorld
Version actuelle 1.4.40
Rating 8.0 ( 2 )
Taille 45.4 MB
Nécessite Android Android 2.3.2+
Mise à jour 2018-10-10
Installe 100+
Catégorie Action, Games

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Description de Nizu: Become Brave APK

Nizu: Become Brave is a game where you fight against an army. You’ll be able to summon allies (a soldier, and later a wizard) to defeat the enemies. You can also drive interesting cars such as a Tank that auto-shoots, a Pirate Ship that shoots cannonballs, a baby cart that controls up to 3 drones that shoot enemies down, and many more…

The story is adorable. It tells the journey of Nizu (our main heroine) to become brave, since she has always been a shy girl who is afraid to even express her opinions.

The gameplay is simple, but really fun. Jump to avoid collision with enemies. Speed up, do longer jumps, backflips, and other commands.
The fundamental of the gameplay is Runner type, but we offer our unique take on the genre.

★ Basic Controllers ★

•Tap anywhere on the screen to jump.
•Tap twice for double jump (BackFlip). It’s not only a second jump, it’s also a backflip that helps dodge aerial attacks.
•Long Tap for higher jump.
•Tap your ally icon (by default on the left) to activate it. He will destroy the enemies.

★ Swipe Controllers ★

Left: Pause the game.
Right: Speed Up/Brake.
Up: Activate the ally Paletero.
Down: Activate the ally Nolan the Wizard.

★ Story ★

A strange black cat with luminous eyes, guided Nizu through the darkness, and created a pattern capable of teletransporting to other worlds. As she touched it, it absorbed and sent her to a world dominated by creatures made of candies. Since the pattern didn’t take her where she thought would go, she wanted to go back home. But the only person capable of helping her was in troubles. Nizu had no choice, but to joined forces with the Army of Candy Country that was currently at war with the ridiculous Sour Country.

The story is told as Visual Novel games. Some characters are drawn with an anime style and they speak some words. I hope you love it.

★ Challenging difficulty ★

Challenging, but most important, fun. There are 9 episodes including a Survival Mode. Each episode will feature one or multiple Boss battles.

★ Allies Upgrades and level Up ★

This game also has RPG elements. You’ll be able to level up Nizu to improve her defend and amount of lives. You’ll be able to improve her allies too, to make them attack for longer time, faster, and more power.

Thank you for playing Nizu: Become Brave. <3

Contact us at @Dragonxoft on Twitter.
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