Ninja Heroes-Free ninja card games APK

Ninja Heroes-Free ninja card games APK

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Nom de l'application Ninja Heroes-Free ninja card games
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Version actuelle 1.1.1
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Taille 84.5 MB
Nécessite Android Android 4.4+
Mise à jour 2019-05-07
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Catégorie Games, Role Playing

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Description de Ninja Heroes-Free ninja card games APK

“Ninja Heroes” is a Q version of Ninja cards, urban construction action Round-robin game. I am the main story of Naruto’s “Naruto”boruto, introducing hundreds of Q version of the Ninja card action Round-robin game character, greatly enhancing the character of the original. Players can use a variety of economic buildings, battle buildings to shape the village, endure the role of matching up to 200 ninjutsu casual match, 400 kinds of super heroes combo skills rich lineup, ten boxing sword, seven knives, fairy robes, etc. more than 100 Kind of equipment, and the ninja action card Round-robin game between the introduction of 5 major attributes of the principle of grams, more shadow attributes, God attributes advanced attributes, etc. you synthesize.
It is a casual and fun turn-based game with a ninja boruto theme. The game operation is very simple. The player only needs to gently swipe the screen to attack the enemy, and there are various powerful skills to release. There are various props for the player. Use, help players to successfully pass the level, hundreds of tasks, naruto copies, and highly restore the Huo Ying plot. Secret medicine, forbidden boruto surgery, cursing …, a lot of ways to enhance strength. It is not a luxury to recruit partners and fight with the super heroes in their hearts. Arena challenge, witness who is the strongest. Friends, chat, social experience accessibility.
The content of the game is mainly to play the blame and push the map, and then gain the super heroes strength to compete with other players PK, the most powerful title in the ninja world. As the map progresses and the level rises, it is necessary to upgrade the boruto character’s strength. There are many systems in the game that can enhance the character’s combat effectiveness. If you want to play this game well, you must understand and learn to use these systems, otherwise you will always feel that the strength is always worse than others.
A very interesting card-quality masterpiece, the super heroes core of the work is naruto’s story background, combined with hundreds of Q version of the boruto image, greatly enhancing the original character. After entering the world of ninjas, set up the ninja action card Round-robin game team that belongs to you to meet this unprecedented war of forbearance. Hundreds of original ninjutsu will enhance your fighting coolness to the extreme, the game will give you a new experience, let you feel the touch and surprise in the world of fire.
The RPG mobile game made with the background of anime Naruto uses the most popular Ninja action card Round-robin game cartoon character set in the anime, and the player can fight with the super heroes in the game.
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