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Nom de l'application New Ways to Newton
Nom du paquet com.arcadesindo.newwaystonewton
Version actuelle 1.0.2
Rating ( 4 )
Taille 24.0 MB
Nécessite Android Android 4.4W+
Mise à jour 2019-04-22
Installe 10+

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Description de New Ways to Newton APK

When studying physics or science you must have known scientists with the name Isaac Newton right? There are many stories that are on Sir Isaac Newton or Issac newton, as well as the findings and inventions that are very fantastic, some of which are in the New ways to Newton ma game.

Newton’s concept is widely applied in new ways to Newton, so you will find lots of useful gameplay not dumb that has the concept of ways to die but ways to newton, so newton lessons become the main concepts in this game, many ways to succeed, at home, best business, easy career, entrepreneur, and how to become a rich freelancer.

Gameplay :
– drive the car, your car can’t move on its own
– kick the ball accurately to the opponent’s goal
– fix the roof of the house with the help of a hammer
– Keep the balloon from the wind or your balloon going off!
– help your friend to push his broken car
– Quickly paddle your boat to the finish line before your opponent catches you!
– open the ice globes so the ball can slip into the owner
– get the highest point by placing an arrow on the target
– Look for treasure beneath the ground before anyone else finds it!
– Can you do magic? try pulling cloth on the table with items on it!
– When playing a trampoline, keep looking below you, don’t fall to the ground!
– Your car is damaged, repair your car before it becomes a junk that has no function
Added new minigame