My Hero’s Love: Drake – Story with Choices APK

My Hero’s Love: Drake – Story with Choices APK

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Nom de l'application My Hero’s Love: Drake – Story with Choices
Nom du paquet com.your.visual.novel.drake
Version actuelle 4.16
Rating ( 131 )
Taille 410.5 MB
Nécessite Android Android 4.4+
Mise à jour 2020-01-23
Installe 1,000+
Catégorie Games, Role Playing

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Description de My Hero’s Love: Drake – Story with Choices APK

💜 Play NOW FOR FREE and experience an adventure, that you won‘t forget that soon! 💜

What’s an Otome Game?
You’re the heroine of a love story, whose ending gets influenced by the decisions you make. (Animated Visual Novel)
What are you going to do? Will you find your one true love?
Go on an adventure in this new world… in YOUR world!

Decide how you’re going to solve difficult situations and what’s the best way to get closer to your crush. Let your own personality flow into the story and find out, if you’re able to conquer the hero’s heart.

About the story:
You head to the capital city Marvall to escape the dull village life and to start your own little career. But destiny decides instead, that you end up at the “Academy of the Protectors”. It’s a world-famous training school, in which the best and strongest warriors of Zargoa get trained.
As different the protectors might be regarding their character, there’s still one thing that connects them all: they are and always will be, emotionless killing machines – meaning, they are tactless bullies. And since life is cruel in Marvall, you get put to the test by the headmistress of the Academy, Lady Daria.
To motivate you, she offers you a profitable job, should you succeed: to be her right hand! The only thing you have to do, is to get one of the protectors ready for a gala dinner. There is much at stake for Lady Daria herself, as well as the name of her Academy.
What sounds like an easy job, soon turns out to be an impasse, because the protector you’re supposed to tame, is none other than Drake – a stubborn and easily provoked man, which learned in his life to go his own way, regardless of the consequences. He’s one of the most successful protectors, which knows perfectly well on how to wield his sword, but sadly not how to be charming and good mannered.
To make things worst, a new demon appears disturbs the peace and quiet of the town and keeps the protectors busy.

This is the place:
💕 If you like excitement and love all at once.
💕 If you’re confident and strategic enough to cope with a protector.
💕 If you’re ready to bravely face any rival.
💕 If you like gods and demons.
💕 If you’re comfortable around several men.
💕 If you like raffles and shopping.

💥 Play through the game for free and without energy.
💥 Dress up your own avatar and influence this way the ending of your love-story.
💥 Lucky in love, unlucky in cards? Or do you prefer to have luck at both of them? Let yourself get surprised!
💥 3 secret love-moments with pictures, which bring you one step closer to the Happy Ending.

Your features:
💖 Experience this Visual Novel without any annoying advertisements or long waiting times.
💖 You immediately can read through the whole story.
💖 Constantly added animations make the story even more vivid.
💖 Breathtaking music and sound effects.
💖 Countless carefully drawn graphics like backgrounds, characters, etc.
💖 Winning Pictures (CG’s) of the most beautiful moments.

What you should also know:
💗 Dating Game with animations as well as breathtaking music and sound effects.
💗 Available in German and translated into English.
💗 Your decisions chance the story.
💗 Conquer the heart of your true love!
💗 Activate memories of your most beautiful moments…
💗 A production by: Your.Visual.Novel
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Play NOW FOR FREE and experience an adventure, that you won‘t forget that soon!