Informations sur l'application of Merge Racer APK

Nom de l'application Merge Racer
Nom du paquet com.pig.mergeracer.aos
Version actuelle 1.0.4
Rating ( 1019 )
Taille 63.5 MB
Nécessite Android Android 4.1+
Mise à jour 2019-05-01
Installe 50,000+
Catégorie Games, Simulation

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Description de Merge Racer APK

Recharge you memory 100%! Retro merge game, Merge racer!
Reminiscuous minicar, which we used to make with rubber band and battery.
Now let’s make minicar on mobile, race the track, collect the minicars
and enjoy again the throwback memories

■ the beginning of the world racing competition, the wishes from the racers
The mysterious minicar, ‘Dinosaur’ which will make your wish comes true
4 teams and 10 members are gathered on the world competition
to wind and get ‘Dinosaur’

When getting rare minicar by merging the minicar on the same stage,
you can meet other racers!

Each racer has different wish from their hidden past
and also diverse stats and skills!
Enjoy to collect and merge

■ 10+10 = rare minicar!
When merging 2 of normal minicar on stage 10 minicar,
one of 10 types of rare minicar with the skills appears.

Rare car has the partner, skill and team
not like other normal minicars

When upgrading the parts of minicar and partner characters,
you can customise your minicar
to you own one with faster speed!

■ Team buff on!
Rare minicar have their own team!
Collect all the minicar from the team
and activate the special buff

You can obtain more gold and team badge faster.
Special bonus when racing the designated track for the team among 5 tracks! go go

desert and ice! Track with different environments!
The core of the minicar is? track!

From offload track which has the theme of desert and ice
To neutral track with retro vibes
Go and find out 5 different tracks! go go go

When collecting the badge from each track,
you can upgrade the team character of the track.
■ Contents Update ■
1. New content ‘Time attack’ has been added.
– Time attack is a new content that competing for records using the rare minicars.
2. Character max Level increased from Lv.99 to Lv.999

■ Convenience Improve ■
1. You can now receive all achievement rewards at once.
2. Wait time for ‘Quick merge’ has been deleted.

■Bug Fixes■
1. Offline rewards bug fixed
– The amount of gold you can earn from offline rewards has been reduced from 4x to 2x.