Masha and The Bear Jam Day Match 3 games for kids APK

Masha and The Bear Jam Day Match 3 games for kids APK

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Nom de l'application Masha and The Bear Jam Day Match 3 games for kids
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Description de Masha and The Bear Jam Day Match 3 games for kids APK

Masha and the bear “Jam Day” – new kids game! Help Masha cooking jam: collect fruits, candy and cookie in match 3 game free. Play game for kids with Masha and the bear!

The Jam Day game is based on the wonderful russian cartoons Masha and the bear, which can be viewed free, and match 3 games free no wifi.

Jam Day is:
• A three-in-a-row game with fruit! (for adults and children)
• Hundreds of levels: complete them all and unlock secret candy levels!
• Competition levels!
• Vivid special effects
• Helpers to give you a boost in the difficult levels!
• Original soundtrack from the Masha and the Bear series!

?That’s cool!
You remember the Jam Day episode of the kids cartoon Masha and the bear? The rules are simple, so let’s get going! You’ve probably seen russian cartoons like Cats Mice, Masha Kasha, Sweet Life, or the new ones. And now we at KB Pro have a new adventure for you! To get through all the arcade levels, you will need to solve loads of unique puzzles: collect fruits, sweet candy, and cookies for cooking jam according to the recipe.

?Play with your kid!
If you looking for games similar to match 3 free, Jam Day is the best matching games for adults and children with Bear Misha and Masha or other soviet cartoons. The game mach3 can be downloaded free. Just sweet candy, and juicy fruits: an arcade game for the whole family!

?Oh, I’m so businesslike!
When Masha games makes jam, hang on tight! She’ll collect fruits three in a row: cherry, apple, pear, plum, raspberry, and she’ll have to crush cold candy and cookies for her jam.

?Misha, who’s that lady?
Experience shows that moms try out free games for girls and boys personally, and often enjoy them themselves. Puzzle games with Masha aren’t just fun for kids! We create top games for children, but it’s well known that moms and dads enjoy playing match 3 – games free too, so these are awesome games as well.

? Let`s play!
Your kid asks on the phone: ok google Masha and the bear? ? Quick, install matching games Jam Day! This best match 3 games free no wifi is a games for girls and for boys too. Our heroine loves to try out different activities: Masha doctor, goes racing, solves puzzles, but in this relaxing games mach3 she has to make jam — the match game. There a new levels in the match three games free for android, like new Masha and the bear Misha episodes: win, move ahead, and enjoy yourself! ?
Can you complete all the levels in these ad-free free games? We did! ?

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