Mafia Party Game. Cards Dealer APK

Mafia Party Game. Cards Dealer APK

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Nom de l'application Mafia Party Game. Cards Dealer
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Version actuelle 2.0.13
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Taille 4.0 MB
Nécessite Android Android 4.2+
Mise à jour 2019-10-02
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Description de Mafia Party Game. Cards Dealer APK

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you want to play Mafia or Werewolf with your friends but don’t have any cards with you, and the only possible solution was to draw cards yourself? Now, with this application, things have changed. Now you can assign roles without any cards. All you need is one Android phone! Simply configure how many players are participating, which roles you would like to use, e.g. how many mafias, werewolves, civilians, villagers etc. you need, and off you go.

Mafia Werewolf Cards Dealer features:
– Deal cards to each player.
– Use standard card combinations, a separate set for the Mafia, a separate one for Werewolf.
– Create, modify or delete cards! 🔥
– Set the names of the players.
– Choose the game type: Mafia or Werewolf! 🔥🔥🔥
– See the roles of the last game.

For those who do not know what the Mafia is:
The Mafia also known as Werewolf is a psychological, verbal role-playing game that mimics the struggle of informed members of an organized minority against an unorganized majority. This is an offline game with live people, where each player gets his role. The game consists of two alternating events: day and night. At night, the Mafia or Werewolves kill people, and during the day all the players communicate and try to recognize the mafia and werewolves.

Attention! Mafia Werewolf Cards Dealer only helps each person get their role. You choose which cards will be in the deck, the application shuffles them and issues them to each player in turn. The game itself takes place without a phone. ⚠️

★ Mafia storyline:
Residents of the city, exhausted from the rampage of the mafia, make the decision to imprisonall all mafiosi. In response, the mafia declares war until the complete destruction of all civilians.
★ Werewolf storyline:
Werewolves spawn in a small village and attack the villagers. To survive, the villagers must kill all werewolves.

The game Mafia from the Werewolf differs only in the setting. In Mafia, the scene is a large city. In Werewolf, is small village. The difference in the scene determines the difference in the description of the roles. So, instead of the Mafia Werewolves appear, instead of the Citizens – Villagers, instead of the Detective – the Seer, instead of Don Mafia – the Sorcerer, instead of Prostitute – the Harlot.
Immortal, Maniac, Doctor are common to both types of games. All custom cards will also be available for both types of games.
Add Werewolf game type
Added card constructor
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