Life Simulator: Prohibition Mafia APK

Life Simulator: Prohibition Mafia APK

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Nom de l'application Life Simulator: Prohibition Mafia
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Version actuelle 2.2.1
Rating ( 176 )
Taille 22.5 MB
Nécessite Android Android 4.2+
Mise à jour 2019-09-16
Installe 10,000+
Catégorie Games, Simulation

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Description de Life Simulator: Prohibition Mafia APK

Welcome to Life Simulator: Prohibition Mafia.

It’s 1929. The stock markets have crashed. You simulate the life of Luigi Capone. Luigi is a former factory worker. Luigi Capone has lost everything: he’s homeless, jobless and destitute. Worse still, the Great Depression has hit.

This life simulator is themed during the age of Prohibition during the Roaring ’20s. You start out with nothing. Take a job begging whilst sleeping in the streets and reinvest your money. Can Luigi Capone rise to the top again? Will it be honestly? Will you create your own illicit moonshine business? Will you join the mafia to help fund your illegal lifestyle?

In this life simulator, you can choose Luigi Capone’s path:
+ Make money:invest Luigi’s money wisely and become a millionaire.
+ Honest Jobs:get in with the local speakeasy and work up to manager.
+ Criminal Jobs:or make money as a criminal – from mugging to assassinations.
+ Moonshine Business:run your own moonshine brewing and distribution business and create a money-making empire – Unlockable.
+ Training and Education:educate Luigi to improve his life chances – learn to brew or train for jobs.
+ Housing:buy property to live in – from the streets through a tenement and onto a mansion.
+ Weapons and Transport:buy weapons and transport to make your money and protect yourself.
+ Mafia Boss:Join the Mafia and work your way up the ranks to become Don of New York City.
+ Turf Wars:Battle rival mobsters in New York City and take over their territory and wealth – Unlockable.
+ Leaderboards and Achievements:Compete in the leaderboards for the most money collected or survive the longest and complete all achievements.
+ Clean and simple layout.

We hope you enjoy Life Simulator: Prohibition Mafia.

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Ed Den Media is a one person Indie Studio. Thank you for your support!
Update 2.2.1

Small Update as a response to feedback and reviews

– Changed time: it take two seconds (instead of one second) for an in-game hour to pass.
– ‘Housing’ icon has changed to an inverted version of the health icon and renamed ‘Recovery’.
– Attempted reworking of Mafia Wars to make the battles a litte fairer on the player. Feedback as to if this helps is welcome.

Thank you, everyone, for playing. Join me on:
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