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Nom de l'application Hope City: Zombie
Nom du paquet com.tap4fun.waronwheels.gplay
Version actuelle 0.52.4
Taille 550.5 MB
Nécessite Android Android 4.3+
Mise à jour 2020-02-14
Installe 10,000+
Catégorie Games, Strategy

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Description de Hope City: Zombie APK

I wanna tell you how the apocalypse finally ended, how humans devolved, and…the story about those chiefs. After minor planets crashed into the earth, the sky was covered in irradiated dust. Most people thought that this world was doomed, and the apocalypse has come. Nothing mattered anymore. But to our surprise, a new age, the Age of Haze, and a new world of the wasteland came into being…

Hope City: Zombie is the first American-comic style MMO SLG game in the world that features the wasteland and battle vehicles. In this game, you can become one of the greatest chiefs in the wasteland, build and develop your own camp, collect and drive different kinds of powerful Hero Vehicles, strategize to defeat Bandits and Mutants with your allies, and ultimately occupy The Eden!

—— Features

【American-comic Style】
Unlike realistic-style games, the American-comic style with bright colors will not make players feel the sense of monotony after a long time of gameplay. It can bring a better immersive gaming experience than cartoon games, and the exaggerated colors and styles can demonstrate the evil and wildness of this wasteland even better.

【The Attack of Mutants】
In the past few days, some changes have occurred to those Bandits on the map, and we even haven’t heard their gunshots for a long time! A Chief said he went out and found all the Bandits were hiding in their Camps, and this world is now occupied by countless walking dead. We call them Mutants. At least for now, it’s gotten more difficult to survive.

【Legendary Vehicles】
Neither cars, trucks, SUVs, nor buses can be found in the wasteland, only the wild armored Hero Vehicles equipped with powerful weapons! You wanna slice enemies in half with a sawblade? Sure, you can! Wanna use flames of jets to burn enemies to a cinder? Of course you can! What? You want to drive a harvester? Well…not a problem!

【Real-time Battle】
Battles will occur on the map in real time, which means you can join or quit battles at any time! Those Bandits giving you a hard time? Send more troops to solve the problem! What? Still losing the fight? Well I suggest you hightail it out of there!

【Multipoint Marching】
Point-to-Point marching is behind the times. You can gain the most advanced marching experience in War on Wheels. The brand new RTS battle system allows you to control several troops, lay sieges with other players, launch sneak attacks, support allies, start rallies, and more all at the same time. We have everything that you want out of a game like this!

【Various Strategies】
Choose one of five Chiefs, each of them has their own unique characters and skills. Command dozens of Hero Vehicles and eight types of units, and use them to create your own strategies. You can even turn the tides against strong enemies with the right formations and strategies!

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