General Knowledge – The Big Quiz APK

General Knowledge – The Big Quiz APK

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Nom de l'application General Knowledge - The Big Quiz
Nom du paquet com.BernardLoic.MyCultureGenerale
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Taille 30.3 MB
Nécessite Android Android 4.0+
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Catégorie Games, Trivia

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Description de General Knowledge – The Big Quiz APK

** Welcome to your Knowledge Temple **

> General Knowledge quiz is a free application who will allow you to improve easily your general knowledge everyday or revise what you already know simply and effectively.

Cultivate yourself with hundreds of free questions included in the quiz application in the simplest way : true or false facts.


? This Intellectual Quiz includes questions that need your entire general knowledge. Explanations as an answer are available within the application to improve your knowledge every day.

⏱️ * New *! Review your knowledge using the flashcard system. Each wrong answer will be recorded so that you can review it later. A notification will remind you the number of cards to revise to allow you to learn in the long-term!

? A minimalist interface playful and clear, no superfluous!

? A background music adapted to each question theme for maximum immersion in each true false quiz!

? Over 2000 quiz in your pocket, from the simplest “Google is an American company?” to the more complex “The Chernobyl disaster took place in 1986? True or False?”

✅ 9 complete question modes: General knowledge, geography, history, music, arts, computer, movies, biodiversity and maths!

? “Random” mode to test your knowledge in all areas.

? Challenge, the hardcore mode where you will have to answer 30 quizzes without making a mistake. Finish it successfully and unlock 500 free reward questions!

? Mental calculation, to become a monster of figures and maths!


The app is new and updates will follow to add more questions and game modes. Develop your memory, improve your intellect and cultivate yourself with the General Knowledge application !

Feel free to report any errors / bugs in the app to this address:

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“Culture is like jam: the less we have, the more we spread it out.”
– Jean Delacour
Merci d’être si nombreux à soutenir l’application et lui permettre d’évoluer !

Dans cette mise à jour, nous avons mis beaucoup d’amour dans la création d’un mode de révision des cartes afin de vous permettre de booster encore plus votre culture générale !

Nous avons aussi optimisé la vitesse du jeu et corrigé les questions que vous nous aviez signalé 😉

Bon jeu !