Games cleaning clothes APK

Games cleaning clothes APK

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Games washing clothes and publishing and ironing and arranged in the wardrobe, laundry laundry game is a kind of dressing games girls laundry games for girls, and care to clean clothes, after visiting the farm took clothes, washing and arranging and ironing clothes and separate white clothes for colored clothes and wash each of them on my own, and Then spread the clothes on the clothesline and choose the new farm clothes for Dana and Quis and twisting any clothes fold Washing steps Separate colorful clothes for white clothes and clothing bright colors and dark clothes before putting them in the washing machine. It cuts the pockets and removes them from the dirt and objects in it completely. Separate the underwear for regular clothes, and you may prefer to wash the socks alone so that the last step in washing. Take care of the labels on clothes to find out how much you can wash them, determine the wash cycles to be used, and know what suits your laundry detergents so that clothes are not damaged. Remove stains before washing. Know the functions of your washing machine buttons and the way they are used. If the washing machine is automatic, the washing powder is placed in its proper place, and the aroma must be placed with a fine smell so that the clothing smells good when wearing this one of the best girls’ games and clothes cleaning games. The clothes are put inside the washing machine for a certain period, Take out clothes dry but spread them and expose them to the sun so as not to become wet and cause the sensitivity of the skin when wearing clothes. If the washing machine is of the normal type, put the water and detergent inside it and put the first white clothes, and washing the washing machine until the expiry of the required time, and then wash the clothes with clean water to get rid of the washing powder, put the clothes in the dryer to dry, and then get rid of the water inside the washing machine two water Another clean with washing powder put two new clothes, and after the clothes drying process, spread them under the sun to dry well. Make clothes that need ironing, and arrange them in the closet by placing them in their proper place.