Flying Superhero Foo Fighter vs Supervillain APK

Flying Superhero Foo Fighter vs Supervillain APK

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Nom de l'application Flying Superhero Foo Fighter vs Supervillain
Nom du paquet
Version actuelle 1.2
Rating ( 76 )
Taille 49.4 MB
Nécessite Android Android 4.1+
Mise à jour 2018-08-01
Installe 10,000+
Catégorie Games, Role Playing

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Description de Flying Superhero Foo Fighter vs Supervillain APK

Do you know who is the superhero, it’s you! Welcome to the crime states, where you get the best chance to be a spider-boy & superhuman. Get yourself trained by legends for betterment and other favorite hero on the roof building. Let’s play the most exhilarating and electrifying game of the foo fighter. Be a super spider and indulge yourself in 3 dangerous quest of hero against supervillain, legion gang-ster and shadow mafia robbers in this mm fight game. It’s a non-stop action and fun packed game and ultimate grandchase like kr&rish.
Choose your favorite hero put wing suit and defeat hu&lk criminals as like mr robot iron do. If you are looking for something new and astonishing fist of fury, so this immortal fight game is here for you. It is now time to become the mutant rope man who will fight against shadow mafia robbers in this city mania. Are you ready to showcase your surprise attacks and superpower with sneaky tricks against your ultimate city battle to rival’s mafia agents? Now go on flying fortres and fly to save innocent citizens like an I and p man. It’s time to be real superhuman experiencing best ring fighting action game.

Are you ready for this recue mission and real combo fighting non-stop action like captain of america?? Its mr hero vs evil villain, battle with the flying monsters defeating mafia city thugs & monsters aliens then increase your chances against shadow mafia robbers of street wars. Hero wars begin to start. This green ninja fight club game will be upon your great expectations and will provide you web shooter game experience. It seems that alien for war growing todays. Crime war rate is growing in the green and lantern city of amazing heroes, and the situation is totally off the control for the Metropolitan Police. Only an amazing super spider who fly with super power heroines & immense amazing natural capabilities can handle the chaos. Don’t let the wonder and woman mafia agents rule the street-s fighting to put an end this cops episode.
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Flying Superhero Training Academy Game Features:

5 exciting flying spider missions.
Abilities like sticking wall to wall, flying, throwing web.
Make your own combo set
Fly with rope in the city
Fantastically exhilarating gameplay
Epic graphics, sound effects & puppet physics

Download and play the best in iron games simulation “Flying Superhero Training Academy Game”. Do give us your reviews about our game & become a real superhero with bazooka unique.