F16 Jet Fighter Assassin: Air Strikers APK

F16 Jet Fighter Assassin: Air Strikers APK

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Nom de l'application F16 Jet Fighter Assassin: Air Strikers
Nom du paquet com.AssassinActionGames.airfighters.air.strike
Version actuelle 1.0
Rating ( 147 )
Taille 76.5 MB
Nécessite Android Android 4.1+
Mise à jour 2019-05-02
Installe 10,000+
Catégorie Games, Simulation

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Description de F16 Jet Fighter Assassin: Air Strikers APK

As a vigilant air force pilot get ready to take the World Supremacy Challenge. Shoot down your air targets in immense dog fights. Attack enemy planes in close air combats. As a legendary warplane pilot plan your tactical missions and win this race against time as you have just moments to shoot the enemy plane in the dog fight.
Enjoy realistic world maps and navigation system to comprehend the battlefield. The fighter planes take off from the runways located at the real airports handed over to air force for the given purpose. As a flying ace, you need to show your warfare skills and hit your air, sea and land targets.

Immense Gameplay

You are a fearless pilot: get ready to face stronger enemy jets. You have powerful weapons installed to each of your aircraft. While you are at sea get ready to take off from your aircraft carrier. The command and control system is installed on the world’s major airports. The high command gives you orders about tactical missions to hit air/ground/naval targets. The fuel capacity of the plane must be taken care of. The aircraft carriers used in naval operations act as a base to hit enemy aircraft in the sea.

Realism in Jetfighter Game Environment

The planes which you will fly as a pilot will test your skills as a pilot. You will fly planes which will provide you the vertical takeoff, variable-geometry wings and control over fuel. From the cockpit of fighter jets navigate the entire globe.

As a fighter plane pilot of elite force you have been given extraordinary skills to control multiple aircraft likewise:
 F-15 Super Tomcat
 F-16 Falcon
 FA-38 Success
 SU-47 Berkut
 F35B Lightning II