Emulator for Symphony of the Night and tips APK

Emulator for Symphony of the Night and tips APK

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Nom de l'application Emulator for Symphony of the Night and tips
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Nécessite Android Android 2.1+
Mise à jour 2020-01-21
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Description de Emulator for Symphony of the Night and tips APK

Symphony of the Night, known in Japan as Akumajō Dracula X: Gekka no Yasōkyoku (悪 魔 城 ド ラ キ ュ ラ X 月 下 の 夜想曲 Akumajō Dorakyura Ekkusu: Gekka no Yasōkyoku ?, literally translated into English as Devil’s Castle Dracula X: Nocturne in the Moonlight) is a 2D graphics action-adventure video game developed and published in 1997.

Symphony of the Night was an important milestone m. It completely revolutionized the series, taking it from the standard “level by level” platform formula, established in its predecessors and introduced a new style of play mixed with RPG elements that would be imitated by almost all the titles that followed this episode. The development of all its characteristics is attributed to Koji Igarashi, the director of the game and one of the youngest members of the team (at that time). Igarashi, a big fan of 2D games, was instrumental in refining the game control approach. Other notable team members were character designer and illustrator Ayami Kojima and composer Michiru Yamane.

The gameplay in Symphony of the Night adheres to the standard precepts of 2D platform games. The protagonist of the game is the Vampire Alucard, our basic movements are to attack with multiple weapons and jump. By exploring the castle and gaining experience, new skills are learned. The exploration of the castle, where the game takes place, is an open-closed process, since it does not comply with the classic stages or worlds of the now-disappeared system of lateral displacement, where the path in a scenario was irreversible. The player is free to explore adjacent areas of the castle (areas that do not lead directly to the final or final boss of the game) and sometimes you have to go through areas and visits after acquiring new skills. RPG elements promote exploration since Alucard can increase its attributes. For example, certain weapons and special items are found in areas that are accessible with the use of some special ability (for example, double jump). When starting the game for the first time, these areas are impossible to reach once found. The nonlinearity of this game determines to be one of its most acclaimed aspects.

It all starts in the year 1792, with the victory of Richter Belmont over Count Dracula. Five years after this event (1797), Richter mysteriously disappears. With no idea where to start looking, María Renard (sister-in-law of Richter) embarks on a journey to discover her whereabouts. After a year of searching, Castlevania (Dracula’s castle, which appears once every 100 years) appeared from the fog (from the place where Maria Renard could have crossed in her search) as if he were teaching her the path. She decides to enter the castle and continue her search. It turns out that Richter’s disappearance and the appearance of the castle at the wrong time are the work of the dark priest Shaft, Dracula’s faithful servant, who takes control of Richter’s mind and makes him believe that he is the lord of the castle. An evil entity known as chaos or chaos that tends to change shape in each reincarnation, takes on the appearance of Castlevani causing more damage. While this was happening, unclean spirits were fighting for the soul of a man named Alucard, who was in a state of self-induced hibernation, or rather a deep sleep, from which he woke up due to the imbalance between the forces of good and evil (Richter’s change from good to bad). Without a clear idea of ​​what is happening in the castle, it goes to it to see what happens. The rest of the story unfolds as the player plunges into the game. Alucard is the son of Dracula whose human mother named Lisa died at the hands of skeptical citizens who accused her of being a witch, which made Alucard go to look for her father to demand an explanation for what happened.