Derek Banter – Interactive text adventure RPG APK

Derek Banter – Interactive text adventure RPG APK

Informations sur l'application of Derek Banter – Interactive text adventure RPG APK

Nom de l'application Derek Banter - Interactive text adventure RPG
Nom du paquet com.styx.derekbanter
Version actuelle 2.5
Rating ( 9 )
Taille 3.9 MB
Nécessite Android Android 4.0+
Mise à jour 2019-04-20
Installe 100+
Catégorie Games, Role Playing

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Description de Derek Banter – Interactive text adventure RPG APK

In this interactive story adventure RPG, you play the role of Derek Banter who is a young boy who is always looking for adventure. Together with his sister Alice, he encounters many obstacles and embarks on a quest to find answers. You will encounter friends, enemies, wizards, healers, spells, goblins, monsters, and more while unlocking the magic within you.

Begin by choosing what kind of character you want to be, choose your Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Intellect, Wisdom, and Charisma. Do you want to be strong, smart, agile, or persuasive? Use the six predefined classes ( Warrior / Wizard / Rogue / Cleric / Bard / Monk ) to guide you to choose your stats or change the stats as you want to fit in with how you want to play the game. The stats you choose impact how the story progresses and impacts your affinity with friends and enemies you encounter along the way.

In this Choose Your Own Adventure (CYOA) game the story changes as you pick what Derek is going to do, based off of your chosen stats as well. Once you start reading this role playing game story you will feel like you are in your own tabletop RPG session with a dungeon master guiding your way.

• Choose your stats any way you want
• Optional class predefined stats
• An amazing interactive story
• Use meta gaming to your advantage
• Save or Load the game you are currently playing
• Play offline, there is no need to be connected to the internet
• Replay the story as a different class or with different stats and chose different options
to see where the story takes you next!
Added a feature.