DEAD MEAT – APEX LEGEND OF Zombie Survival Games APK

DEAD MEAT – APEX LEGEND OF Zombie Survival Games APK

Informations sur l'application of DEAD MEAT – APEX LEGEND OF Zombie Survival Games APK

Nom de l'application DEAD MEAT - APEX LEGEND OF Zombie Survival Games
Nom du paquet com.Kazuo.DEADMEAT
Version actuelle 1.4
Rating ( 15 )
Taille 76.9 MB
Nécessite Android Android 4.1+
Mise à jour 2019-05-10
Installe 500+
Catégorie Action, Games

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Description de DEAD MEAT – APEX LEGEND OF Zombie Survival Games APK

Lethal acid rain has turned 99% of the population in the world into flesh-eating zombies. The earth is in ruins, as these devastating undead zombie hordes eat their way through the last remaining survivors. Survive the zombies and fight your way to safety through endless waves of zombies and become an apex legend of predators.

Choose from an arsenal of Zombie Survival FPS weapons including machine guns, assault rifles, pistols, shotguns, melee weapons, axes, and much more and fight off the endless waves of flesh-eating zombies in a post apocalyptic, console quality graphics. Use these weapons to become the Apex legend of predators

A continually updated zombie survival game, with love and support from the developers. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to play the apex legend of 60 fps, post apocalyptic, endless wave mobile, zombie survival games

DEAD MEAT is a completely offline shooting game, is a free game. Don’t miss out on this amazing zombie survival games!

Features two modes: Campaign mode and zombie survival mode. Become the apex legend of predators in both modes!

Navigate and clear through this post apocalyptic Zombie FPS In survival mode and become an apex legend of predators. Fight off endless waves of bloodthirsty zombies. The survival map takes place in modern Japan. Fight your way through the beautiful streets of Console quality graphics on a post apocalyptic environment at 60 fps with a variety of guns and melee weapons. This game will test your survival!

In campaign mode, scavenge your apocalyptic surroundings for any FPS weapons you can find, including melee weapons, axes, and guns. Search for a way out of your infected zombie battlefield, and escape by helicopter to safety. The campaign mode is thrilling an challenging. The campaign mode is objective based, complete these objectives to escape

As a rare survivor of the acid rain, humanity depends on you

A huge variety of FPS guns and melee weapons to test your shooter skills against flesh-eating zombies

Unlock guns and melee weapons with earnable money and weapon crates from daily rewards

Receive guns and melee weapons from weapon crates, and use them to become the apex legend of predator

Amazing mobile controls, an intuitive joystick, various aim settings to personalize your experience as well as adjustable console quality graphics to achieve 60 FPS on all phones

Fight off endless waves of evil undead zombies.

*Apex legend of Zombie survival games*
*Insane Zombie Survival and FPS mechanics*
*A whole lot of guns, including shotguns, pistols, assault rifles, and much more*
*A variety of melee weapons, including katanas, swords, bats, and axes*
*Multiple maps*
*Amazing post apocalyptic environments*
*Zombie Survival mode*
*Thrilling campaign mode*
*Console quality graphics*
*HUGE Bosses*
*Runs 60 FPS on new phones*
*5-star game*
*free to download*
*Adjustable control settings*
*Adjustable Console quality graphics settings for lower-end phones*
*Endless waves of zombies*
*and MUCH MORE!*
Bug fixes, new intro loading screen, general polish