Concrete Defense 1940: WWII Tower Siege Game APK

Concrete Defense 1940: WWII Tower Siege Game APK

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Nom de l'application Concrete Defense 1940: WWII Tower Siege Game
Nom du paquet com.gameobjects.ConcreteDefense
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Taille 32.1 MB
Nécessite Android Android 5.0+
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Catégorie Games, Strategy

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Description de Concrete Defense 1940: WWII Tower Siege Game APK

This hard core tower defense game takes you back to WWII battle zone, experience historic battles.

War has entered the intensified stage, the city has been surrounded by tanks, the guards have lost contact with the main force. At this critical moment, how should you rescue your companions and win the war? Get ready, build bunkers and defend your basecamp!

☆ Strong atmosphere of WWII – stunning graphics and excellent sound effects.
☆ 40 well designed maps based on historic events of WWII.
☆ Enjoy the endless fun.
☆ Interactive terrains with the open path like the fieldrunners’ gameplay.
☆ 20+ types of well designed enemy units based on historic WWII tanks and bombers, such as T34 medium tank, KV1 heavy tank, Panzer III tank, Tiger tank, B-29 bomber, HS-129 bomber, etc.
☆ 6 types of well designed bunkers, Machine Gun Bunker, Anti Tank Bunker, Radar Bunker, Anti Aircraft Bunker, Flame Thrower Bunker and Howitzer Rocket Bunker. Each Bunker has 3 upgrading turrets.
☆ Free combination of all turrets.
☆ 2 game modes: Campaign& Endless.
☆ 9 types of props to make the game more fun, deploy landmine, call bomber for carpet bombing, call artillery support, Sandbag, Armor, RepairKit, Barricades, Dragon Teeth, Bazooka, and Enemy Unit Converter.
☆ Famous battles in WWII are recreated, including Battle of Dunkirk , Battle of North Africa, Battle of the Bulge, Battle of Stalingrad, and more.

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