Informations sur l'application of Colonicle APK

Nom de l'application Colonicle
Nom du paquet com.fakeeyes.ColonyAvengers
Version actuelle 20.3.0
Rating ( 145 )
Taille 70.3 MB
Nécessite Android Android 7.0+
Mise à jour 2020-02-04
Installe 10,000+
Catégorie Action, Games

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Description de Colonicle APK

You may feel severe dizziness symptoms.

[Minimum Specifications]
Snapdragon 835 processor
3 DoF Gyroscope sensor

[Recommended Specifications]
Snapdragon 845 processor
3DoF Gyroscope sensor

‘Colonicle’ currently providing two game modes.

[Death match]
The battle takes place for 5 minutes and you must win a higher Kill score than your opponent to win. You can get awesome experience in a ‘Colonicle’ world.

[Siege warfare match]
– There are defending and attacking camps.
– In the time limit, the defending camp have to defence the base and the attacking camp have to take the base.

[Support controllers]
Xbox(Bluetooth), Moga pro, Steel Series, Matricom, EX M air, EX M Elite, EX Band, Mi-Pad, Alloet, Dual Shock4(Bluetooth) and other controllers are supported by standard Bluetooth (Xbox) controller.

I wish you a victory on the battlefield!

19.4.0 Re-Mastered Patch Note

Graphics Improvement
– All Game graphics has been improved.
(Custom matching waiting room UI will change later.)

Sound changed
– Some sounds of the BGM, environment, and effects are changed.

Social function
– Friends feature is updated.
– Friend UI are available in the Home scene.
– You can check whether your friend is joined game or game playing.

Voice Chat function adjusted
– Voice chat function is simplified.
– It consists of three options : Voice Chat on / off, Microphone on / off and Voice Chat volume control.

Weapon balance adjustment
– Reload Time : 2.8 -> 2.6 seconds
– Reload Time : 2.2 -> 2 seconds
– Reload Time : 3 -> 2.8 seconds
– Reload Time : 3 -> 2.4 seconds
– Bullet speed : 25 -> 30

Maps are changed and new game mode added
– The `Castle` and `Iron-tail` deleted.
– New game mode ‘Siege warfare’ is added, called ‘Sector 6’

Home scene has notice and patch notes.
– Notices and patch notes can be found in the Home scene.

Game system improvements
– Removed player’s all-boards feature from in-game.
– Added a system notification that will catch the attention of players who are good at it.
– At the end of the game, you can check the board as it is now.
– Removed unnecessary loading process to join the game more quickly and intuitively.
20.3.0 patch complete!
– Voice Chat function has been restored on low end devices.
– Quick Match function is deactivated.
– The whole game server has been unified.