Checkers 2018 – Classic Board Game APK

Checkers 2018 – Classic Board Game APK

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Nom de l'application Checkers 2018 - Classic Board Game
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Version actuelle 1.9.0
Rating ( 834 )
Taille 6.5 MB
Nécessite Android Android 4.0.3+
Mise à jour 2018-10-22
Installe 100,000+
Catégorie Board, Games

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Description de Checkers 2018 – Classic Board Game APK

Checkers is a classic board game involving strategy. The way to win the game is that moves your own pieces, skips over the opponent’s pieces, and until you ate all of the opponent’s pieces, you are the winner.

The Detailed Description Of Rules And Playing Method As Follows:
?Pieces put – The checkerboard made of two different tinctorial squares, the pieces goes in brunet squares

?Move the pieces diagonally – Checkers can only move sideways and move one square at a time if they do not eat.

?Skip the opponent’s pieces – You can skip an opponent’s piece (make a move to eat the piece) if your piece is just one step away from the opponent’s piece, you can go two squares diagonally in the same direction to skip over the opponent’s piece.

?Cultivate a king piece – When a piece reaches the opponent’s baseline, the piece becomes king. The king’s pieces can only move in a black grid, but can go forward or backward, so it’s easier for the king’s pieces to eat the opponent’s pieces. There is no limit to the number of Kings.

?Win the game – Continue to skip the opponent’s pieces until you eat all of them, and you win!

Features Of Checkers 2018
?Be free for everyone
?A variety of different difficult levels
?Offer different rules for players

The Skills Of Winning Game:
♦️Don’t defend all the time – Don’t always go to the edge of the board and try to avoid the opponent’s pieces, you never lose the game, but you never win.

♦️Know when to give up your pieces – Don’t be afraid to sacrifice a piece if you are stuck with the opponent, maybe you can eat the opponent’s piece after sacrificing one.

♦️Don’t forget to block the opponent – Block opponent’s pieces as much as possible, so you can eat more of opponent’s pieces or make your pieces king.

Practice continuously , Learn from experience, form your own strategy, You will be the unbeatable winner!

Enhancements in feed user interface
General bug fixed and performance improvements