Informations sur l'application of Celestial Fate APK

Nom de l'application Celestial Fate
Nom du paquet com.eyougame.myzx.en
Version actuelle 6.0
Rating 6.2 ( 4121 )
Taille 82.8 MB
Nécessite Android Android 4.3+
Mise à jour 2019-08-29
Installe 100,000+
Catégorie Games, Role Playing

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Description de Celestial Fate APK

“Celestial Fate” is a fantasy MMORPG 3D mobile game based on ancient Chinese novel, Journey to the West. The game is fair, simple and easy to play. You can experience different kinds of excitement every second in this game. Created by a professional team in the industry with powerful engine, every attack, combo attack and displacement skills are calculated precisely in order to present real ARPG combat experience. This game is the new definition of mobile game PK. Its scenic background and immersive story are going to take you back to the ancient dynasty of Tang and embark on the oriental odyssey!

【Game Features】
Epic World Map
High quality graphic and stunning scenes are going to immerse you in the 3D fantasy world!

Fair Gaming Environment
Powerful anti-cheat mechanisms ensure a fun and fair environment for all Celestial Fate players.

Endless Benefits and Free Diamond Rewards
Growth Funds, Diamond Rewards, free VIP, as well as Divine Pet are waiting for players to get!

Limitless Costume Variations
Be the fashion trailblazer! Countless in-game costumes at your own disposal!

Fairy Mount System
Faithful Mount to travel alongside your journey, venture and grow stronger hand in hand!

-Rebirth Gear and System
Dominate the Battlefield with class exclusive Rebirth Character, Character Rebirth System, Rebirth Gears and most of all glaring Rebirth Skills!

Rune System
Mix and match your favorite Runes into countless effect combinations, nurture and customize YOUR strong character YOUR way!

Multiplayer Dungeons
Join hands with your friends to undertake exhilarating dungeons together, adventure awaits!

Guild War
Teamwork makes the dream work! Plan out strategies with guild mates and come out victorious against other Guilds!

Multiplayer & Cross Server Real Time PVP
Breathtaking Cross Server and Classic Multiplayer Battle graphics! Usurp all the glory with your own power on these battlefields!

Marriage & Baby System, search for your destined other
Unique and complete Marriage System, search your significant other and create wonderful memories together!

God & 72 Changes System
Unique gameplay design that allows Gods and 72 Godlords to assist in battle, nothing can stand in your way!

Let the path to the immortality of Celestial Fate begin!

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