Bloody Chain:イケメンを育てる女性向け恋愛ゲーム APK

Bloody Chain:イケメンを育てる女性向け恋愛ゲーム APK

Informations sur l'application of Bloody Chain:イケメンを育てる女性向け恋愛ゲーム APK

Nom de l'application Bloody Chain:イケメンを育てる女性向け恋愛ゲーム
Nom du paquet
Version actuelle 17.0.8
Rating ( 730 )
Taille 54.0 MB
Nécessite Android Android 4.1+
Mise à jour 2018-07-30
Installe 10,000+
Catégorie Adventure, Games

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Description de Bloody Chain:イケメンを育てる女性向け恋愛ゲーム APK







寺竹順 / 刃琉 / 平井達矢 / ヘルシー太郎 / 切木Lee / 魁皇楽 / 蒼井夕真 / 村上たつや / 星野カズマ / 胸肩腎 / 河村眞人 / 金部影人 / 夜乃かずお / 弐階堂剣 / 黒井勇 / 羽目太郎 / にしかわけんご / 佐和真中 / 波夏至岩亜鉈 / 久喜大(順不同、敬称略)




▼ profound story by popular writer!
The scenario draft, women’s novels mogul writer, Mito Izumi (Mito Izumi) appointed Mr.
Scenario supervision, from the popular magazine “Biboi”, Bee Boy scenario team is in charge, we will deliver a massive story with rewarding.

In addition, Mr. Teradakejun, Ha琉’s, Mr. Tatsuya Hirai, Healthy Taro, Kirigo Lee’s, such as Kaioh music’s, a voice by gorgeous actors, will liven up the story and battle.

▼ story to draw devour each other …… handsome our coexistence in order to live
20XX year -.
The mystery of the virus, the human will is mutated in the presence of a different type, called “Ogle” world.
In such a hopeless world, to draw the youth to be Ikinuko while looking for a ray of light, ephemeral painful story.

▼ to choose! “HirakiOsamu evolution” “open 受進 of” system
The development tree, “HirakiOsamu evolution” and “open 受進 reduction” can be selected by any of the players.
Enjoy their story to change by evolution!

▼ fight two people one set, the battle was over the life!
2 people fight in the front line from among the five team, mowing down Ogle while helping turnover!
From the conversation of the characters to each other that unfolds during battle, keep an eye!
When the character each other of relationship is getting better, change …… even in the conversation contents in the battle.

▼ Recommended for Travelers
– like love game for maiden
Of – for women royal road of love story
– like game that ikemen the advent
– like game with a training element
I want to enjoy and deep story
· Want to enjoy the voice of the voice actors
I like to enjoy the game in-Free
I like the Vampire is
– like the story of suspense element is in
– looking for a woman for love-maiden game
– a full-fledged story game I want to do in the smartphone
I want to enjoy-pounding romance scenario
Want – a handsome and training
· Ordinary maiden for the game, got bored in love game

▼ popular! Mustering gorgeous cast
Teradake order / blade Ryu / Tatsuya Hirai / Healthy Taro / Kirigo Lee / Kaioh music / Aoi Yushin / Tatsuya Murakami / Hoshino Kazuma / Munekatajin / Masato Kawamura / gold part Kagejin / Yoru乃 Kazuo / 弐階Do sword / Isamu Kuroi / Private Taro / Kengo Nishikawa / Sawa middle / wave summer solstice rock A鉈 / Kuki large (in no particular order, titles omitted)

Android4.4 or more is recommended.
※ even in the recommended environment, due to factors of the environment and model of the specific use
It might not work properly.

※※※ can not start the game your ※※※
Customers can not be successfully started the game, on top of the fill in the necessary information, but will cause trouble
To: Support E-mail thank you for your inquiry.
※ your questions to the review column, so you can not do your reply individually to the opinions,
So thank you in advance for your understanding.

▼ Support E-mail
※ If you are a not a domain, so that you can receive the domain of “@”
Thank you set.
※ on the indicated necessary information in the mail body, please contact us.


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