Blew TD: Free Tower Defense strategy game APK

Blew TD: Free Tower Defense strategy game APK

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Nom de l'application Blew TD: Free Tower Defense strategy game
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Description de Blew TD: Free Tower Defense strategy game APK

Blew TD is a unique free tower defense game with unlimited challenges. Command and operate epic defenses to protect the last survivors of Fort 66. Discover, upgrade and build different types of towers in order to defend against post apocalyptic creatures that hunger for Serum.

Most of life was destroyed after the creatures appeared from another dimension. They came hungering for Serum and blew everything in their way. Hundreds of years later, mankind has found a way to fend off these creatures and even extract their life energy by setting up smart tower defences. We now live in an era in which energy is harvested by men to ensure their survival. Each fort has its own defense strategy which also allows the extraction of the creatures’ life essence: Serum. Fort 66 is looking for a new Operator to help in defending and harvesting resources from those post-apocalyptic creatures. The Operator’s role is crucial as he leads the TD team on the field and the harvesting strategy in Fort 66. Can you defend the fort against all those creatures and will you be able to setup the best harvesting strategy?

In this free tower defence game, you will have to apply a defense strategy for Sectors under attack. Stop incoming creatures from reaching your fort by building and upgrading your towers. Discover new schematics and add-ons that will enhance your towers and their upgrades. Ranging from a single target firing tower: the Marker, to a massive area of effect damaging tower: the Spitter. Blew TD offers a large variety of tower challenges. The more you play the more gameplay modes and challenges you unlock.

List of features:

● A large variety of building options to allow Fort 66 to be prosperous and unlock new gaming content
● Infinite new Invasions offering a different gameplay strategy, every… single… time…
● 35 tower games with different TD challenges
● Multiple types of towers with thousands of schematics and addons to discover
● 15 different serum lusting creatures ready to rush through your tower defence games
● Helpful goodies that will help you boost your defenses
● Regular updates offering new gaming content for you to discover!

Download Blew TD and experience a new strategy defense game! Fort 66 needs an operator to save them from countless invasions of creatures… Take action and build your defenses now!

Please note, Blew TD is a free to play indie game, however some time-winning features can also be purchased for money. Furthermore, if you find any bugs, please let us know ( We want you to have the best TD experience. We will make sure to answer your issues as soon as possible.

A network connection is also required.

We aim at becoming the best Indie TD out there.
Release 1.8.3
Reverted to previous version while we fix the current visual bug

● Hiding the UI before the round starts
● Sector 6 has been redesigned!
● Overall bug and crash fixes

● Balanced the game for sector 11 to 14
● Increased range of Diamond and slightly reduced damage
● Reduced shooting speed of Whiplash and increased damage