Informations sur l'application of Battle Royale: Chess Season APK

Nom de l'application Battle Royale: Chess Season
Nom du paquet com.nezeb.battle_royale
Version actuelle 7
Rating ( 13 )
Taille 23.2 MB
Nécessite Android Android 4.1+
Mise à jour 2019-03-18
Installe 100+
Catégorie Action, Games

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Description de Battle Royale: Chess Season APK

Fight for survival in this unusual epic multiplayer game in the royal battle genre!

Battle Royale is a fun casual mobile game for everyone. 32 players, battles for 3-5 minutes and a lot of crazy fun! No need to wait in the lobby or wrestle with an incomprehensible menu. Just start the game, land on a parachute and rob, shoot and survive!

Win the arena alone or in company with a friend. Choose where you want to land, look for weapons and armor and get ready for a fight for life and death!

Earn experience points and upgrade your character to unlock new parachutes, reactions and unique costumes. Buy Battle Pass to get even more rewards. Let other players die of envy. Unlock rare and legendary characters to instill fear in your enemies. Here they are scared when they see them!

A sea of ​​weapons allows you to hone your shooting skills to perfection. Become the best shooter in the city. What will you choose: sniper or ordinary rifle, shotgun or pistol? Pick up boxes of supplies to first get the long-awaited minigun or bazooka!

Royal battle On the phone. No glitches. This is all – Battle Royale.


– Real-time battles in the arena with 32 PLAYERS from around the world!
– TEAM GAME! Play with a friend to conquer this arena together. No friends? Nothing wrong! You can play with a random partner!
– cool awards! Level up and collect new characters, reactions and parachutes.
– HUGE and interesting world. Choose where you want to land on a parachute.
– A lot of weapons and items that are waiting for you on the map, including armor and first-aid kits!
– Pick up the first drop boxes of supplies and find in them rare weapons, such as bazookas or miniguns.
– SUBJECTING GAME CARD. Watch out for the storm!

– Even more options for customizing the appearance, as well as new characters
– Destroyed environment! Enemies do not hide from you
– More weapons

Battle Royale The season has begun! In the multiplayer arena you will have to do everything possible and impossible to stay alive and survive this deadly game! The rules are quite simple: as soon as you find yourself on the battlefield, run to stay alive! And remember that only the only survivor on the island will be king in the Battle Royale!

Survival on the island is not an easy task, but you are not looking for easy ways to win? Sit down on a huge map, find friends in the game and get ready to fight! Royal battles and hide and seek – are you ready to take on the challenge and fight for survival?

The battlefield is located on a distant island, where the only abandoned city is surrounded by the sea and the mysterious Blue Zone. Your main task is to stay inside the safe zone and defeat all opponents.

Players of one team (props) hide from others in any of the available rooms and try to escape. Just swipe the image and turn into any visible object: a bottle, a toaster or even a refrigerator. You can also become a Hunter – find the hidden objects and shoot at them! The goal of your team is to shoot everyone hiding. If it is you who is hiding – run as far as you can to stay alive until the end of the round

Before you start, we need to say one more thing – the battlefield is changeable! The battle takes place in an abandoned city on a distant island somewhere in the seas. And around this island is a strange phenomenon – the Blue Zone! Your task will be to stay inside the safe zone and neutralize your enemies! Become the last survivor, the last hero, the winner in the Battle Royale and do not forget to evaluate our new mode – hide and seek online items! Good luck and successful hunting!

Your main goal is to survive on the island! The game is online, so you need an Internet connection.

Battle Royale – this is an incredible adventure: online survival on the island, the battle with opponents, hide and seek objects, and much more. Invite friends to our multiplayer – conquer the island of survival together and get into the top-1!
Chess update!
Updated engine 2018.3.8f1.
Reduced waiting time in royal battle.
Revised blackout.
Changed font.
Changed controllers.
Changed the main menu.
Added soundtrack.
Fixed a bug with the orientation of the screen.