Basketball Shooter 3D – Best Ball Shooting Game APK

Basketball Shooter 3D – Best Ball Shooting Game APK

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Nom de l'application Basketball Shooter 3D - Best Ball Shooting Game
Nom du paquet com.thedestinators.basketball3D
Version actuelle 1.5
Rating ( 149 )
Taille 23.2 MB
Nécessite Android Android 4.1+
Mise à jour 2020-02-16
Installe 100+

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Description de Basketball Shooter 3D – Best Ball Shooting Game APK

Are you a true gamer?
Do you love challenging games?
Do you love to play BASKETBALL?
Are you a BASKETBALL player?
Are you a BASKETBALL lover?
Are you a sports lover?

Then here is a great challenge of basketball shooting for you in basketball shooter 3D which is the best basketball shooting game.
It is just like a real basketball and you can get real experience of shooting ball while playing this game.
You can play it well if you can shoot balls better
It is different as compared to all sports games such as football, cricket, hockey, 8 ball pool table tennis, basketball shooting games and all other games.
Basketball Shooter 3D is the best basketball shooting sports game. It is developed by The Destinators.
Basketball Shooter 3D is really fun and amazing game. Just get your ball from GET BALLS MENU, Launch the game, choose the ball from COLLECTION MENU, set the Target, set the Launching force according to distance of ball from basket and start shooting the ball in the hoop.
It is for biggest fans of basketball shooting games, and for those who can play difficult games. You can become a best basketball star by playing this GAME. Just download this game and play this game for better experience in basketball shooting. You can launch the ball with different force for every different target to win the GAME in basketball shooter 3D. 7 scores are required to win the game in basketball shooter 3D in 3 minutes. With the passage of time we will improve this game more and more and will make it the best basketball shooting game of the world.

Set Target – You can set Target by dragging on Target Pad while playing game. You can leave dragging the ball where your target is set.
Set Force – You can set force of launching ball by moving the force slider in game.
Launch ball – You can launch ball by tapping on the launch button after setting target and force while playing game in Basketball shooter 3D.

You can get different new balls to play game in Basketball Shooter 3D by clicking on Get Balls button from Main Menu, and then by purchasing balls.

You can use or change the purchased balls while playing Basketball Shooter 3D from your collection by clicking on COLLECTION Button.

You have to complete the challenge of 7 scores in Basketball shooter 3D, in 3 minutes to win the game. Otherwise you will lose the game.

Every ball has different physical properties with different purchasing values, You can win game more easily if you are using a good ball while playing game.

This Game has 2 levels both levels are about shooting ball in the basket, and both levels need same score and same time to win the basketball shooting game.
First Level –
In First level, it is in the stadium of THE DESTINATORS. You have 3 minutes to complete the task to win the game shoot more balls and prove your self a best basketball shooter of the best basketball shooting game.

Second level –
In LEVEL 2, the game is in the Garage, we now that it is not good to play sports game just like basketball , soccer , football , cricket badminton and all other sports games in garage or in the closed place but it is a video game so you can play it anywhere you want. Also it’s an offline game so you can play it without internet anywhere just like a real basketball or a real basketball shooting game.

Hope so you will enjoy this game if you are a good basketball player or a basketball shooter.

*Syed Usama Irshad*

*CEO of The Destinators*
Fixed some bugs with following new features.
*Get 500 free coins on updating or installing.
*New levels added.
*Interface changed little bit.
*Shooting accuracy increased.
*Now Basketball Shooter 3D is more easy to play.