Atlas Empires – Build an AR Empire APK

Atlas Empires – Build an AR Empire APK

Informations sur l'application of Atlas Empires – Build an AR Empire APK

Nom de l'application Atlas Empires - Build an AR Empire
Nom du paquet com.cerberusinteractive.atlasempires
Version actuelle 1.8.30
Rating 2.0 ( 576 )
Taille 58.8 MB
Nécessite Android Android 6.0+
Mise à jour 2019-05-02
Installe 10,000+
Catégorie Games, Strategy

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Description de Atlas Empires – Build an AR Empire APK


After nearly two years in development, the world of Atlas is ready for exploration.
Atlas Empires is a one of a kind empire builder strategy game. Claim land right where you live to build a home base, set up outposts around the world to expand your influence, strike out against enemies both near and far, and so much more!

Claim Land

Atlas Empires is a unique world just a click away from this one. Players can claim plots of land right where you are in the real world. Claim land within 200 feet of you. Build a home base on your first plot of land, and upgrade your Great Hall to get more!

Build a Base

Enter your base and customize the heart of your empire. Construct a university to research. Build turrets, mortars, and sentry posts to defend your base. Build houses for your citizens and barracks for your troops, and watch your empire grow!

Find New Troops

The mythical card dealer is always just a walk away! Get out there and find her cart––you won’t regret it! At her table, test your luck and discover magical new troops. It could be a dangerous archer, a powerful sorceress or maybe even an almighty dragon!

Battle Nearby or Globally

Walk around and find bases to battle right in your neighborhood, or matchmake remotely with players around the world. Earn gold, wood, and stone from battles to build up your empire!

Atlas Empires is free-to-play and offers in-game purchases. Is it most ideally played on smartphones, not tablets.

Atlas Empires has the following requirements to enjoy on Android Devices:
GPS and location services
Strong internet connection
Android 5.0+
Rooted devices are not supported
1.6GHz+ CPU speed
World of Atlas: This update brings many bug fixes, including a fix for some of our users whose games kept crashing during initial load or got stuck loading. We are always listening, and we appreciate everyone bringing this to our attention. We have also introduced new visual improvements, including turret arrow animations and special VFX for property YOU own on the map!