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Nom de l'application 亂世曹操傳
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Version actuelle 1.1.10
Rating ( 183 )
Taille 50.7 MB
Nécessite Android Android 4.0+
Mise à jour 2018-07-26
Installe 5,000+
Catégorie Games, Role Playing

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Description de 亂世曹操傳 APK






Players will play the hero generation Lawrence of Cao Cao, the history of the controversial, in a strong city a has a majestic, quiet and peaceful village, full of the original atmosphere of the country as well as some full of unknown mysterious cave of the Three Kingdoms world, from the Yellow Turban Rebellion, the assassination Dong, co-pack, White Yanzhou, Xuzhou campaign, etc. Three main event battle Guandu guide wire, allowing the player to feel a little bit of this wonderful history of the Three Kingdoms.

[FC] Classic continues to upgrade the quality of
FC continuation of the classic, fast to use. Generals sweep, slash, Teleport, cool big move, gorgeous crit, at your fingertips handling explosive.

[Policy] lineup puzzle adventure
One hundred generals in the bag, tactical deployment of additional bonus features, strategy first, to create exclusive clan. Eight golden array to unlock the mystery, full of wisdom three countries.

[Reduction] Culling unofficial history
“Emperor to the princes” “I would rather negative person, I’m not a negative person,” people are wrong Cao Cao, Cao Cao still bear the name of this Chinese thief? Restore history, you know not the same with Cao Cao!

[Willfulness] to explore the endless run chart
Huge map system, covering three city history records. Garnett more holes, dragon cave, hole Suzaku, basaltic Cave, Dragon Cave and other caves until you explore the countryside, enjoy the fun run chart.

[Three] different kind of world Boos
Integration of Chinese mythology Dragon, White Tiger, Suzaku, basalt, unicorn mythical beasts, as the world Boos, open a new chapter, taste is not the same as the three countries.