Feb 032014

So it’s time for me to review what I got done in January, what I didn’t get done, and how I can make February more productive.

January is always the month of the year when I tackle my blog refresh, do a bit of cleaning, updating, move the virtual furniture around, it’s a yearly house ( blog) clean. Continue reading »

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Jan 292014

Well again I was beset with 403.9 error code trying to access my site. If this continues to be theme especially as I am intending to add more content regularly to my blog in the coming weeks and months I will be looking at moving my blog/site elsewhere with another website provider. This would be a shame as I have used and loved my hosting provider for over a decade and have had many sites and a couple of blog type sites on various domains with them over the years. I found them to be value for money, I paid a year in advance for hosting and domain registration so I didn’t have to worry about a monthly fee, and rarely have had to add bandwidth allowance even though my domain here has a heck of a lot more traffic than the site which I had bandwidth outage with in the past.

I really hope that none of you were too inconvenienced with such access error codes! If you were I sincerely apologise. If this continues I will move providers regardless of the hassle it would cause me to do so. As the domain and hosting is paid up until the 17th of September this year so I have several months remaining on my coverage but that won’t stop me from moving elsewhere if these problems continue. Continue reading »

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Jan 262014

I’ve been busy today cleaning up the blog. I’ve removed posts which I no longer want to have ‘out there’ using the Edit Flow plugin to create a ‘Archived’ option for my posts/pages.

I have archived about a third of my posts dating back to late 2010 when I installed WordPress on this domain. Continue reading »

Jan 252014

Nothing much. I’m just recovering from unexpectedly having all three of my nephews all day today. I had only just woke up, after trying to get to sleep all night and still struggling at 5.30 am this morning, I awoke to my father crawling around in the attic space above my bedroom and before I could get up and dressed my brother and his entire family trooped in. The boys never trooped back out with their parents, until around five tonight.

It’s felt like an never ending day today. Between refereeing between them whose turn it was to use the Wii U gamepad, playing multi-player when one of them got stuck (normally the youngest), and eventually being roped into playing Luigi’s Mansion 2 on two players.

Now it’s late evening and I’m exhausted. Partly due to lack of real sleep last night but also a good chunk due to the exhaustion three active boys can create.

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Jan 122014

l still haven’t come to any firm decisions about merging my blogs together yet but rest assured that any such changes will be gradual and over time. Also I do not intend to stop book coverage and if any merge goes ahead the book reviews will be kept and will at least get their own dedicated section. How I’d work how to create specific sections on WordPress I don’t know but I’d give it a good try.

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Jan 052014

It is officially 2014!!


It seems just yesterday that the schools came out for the Christmas break and they return tomorrow for the new term.


I have been thinking long and hard over the future of my blogs and believe I will have to take a new route with them in the coming year. To make it easier for me in the long term to keep posting what I want when I want without having to figure out just *where* I should post the resulting article. Among other concerns.


One of my concerns is that I don't always read enough to have a dedicated book review blog running 24/7. So I am considering concentrating my blogging into one main blog while having a dedicated section/area where I would post all book reviews.


Having only one central blog would make running my blog(s) a whole lot easier. Not having to maintain several smaller dedicated blogs and being able to concentrate fully on my remaining blog.


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Nov 052013


Happy Bonfire Night if you are in the UK. The fireworks are going bang, bang, bang outside and it’s absolutely balticaly cold here even indoors. Given the massive rise in fuel prices here we are being selective when we put our heating on.

My nephews are off at a fireworks display and tomorrow I have to pick up all three from the two different schools at 3.15 and 3.25 pm respectively. My brother is trading in his car and his new car is several towns away so he has to travel there get all the docs filled out and then home. He isn’t even sure he will be back in time to take his middle son to his guitar lesson at 7 pm. And that’s leaving when school lets out at 3.15 pm as both he and his wife are Primary School teachers. Continue reading »

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Oct 312013

It’s once again that ghoulish time of year as we celebrate Halloween. Children of all ages going ‘trick or treating’ as well as becoming overdosed and hyped up on sugar.

When I was a child there was no such things as ‘trick or treat’ instead we decorated handmade paper decorations and ‘dunked’ for apples. When I moved onto high school all Halloween celebrations ceased except for ‘dunking’ for apples as I had a younger brother still young enough to do so.

Now my three nephews love to dress up, the more ghoulish the better, and go door-to-door getting their free sugar rush. Today the Primary School where my two youngest nephews attend are having their Halloween parties. Which mean making decorations, getting your face painted or applying temporary tattoos, and they get to make/bake and eat Halloween themed goodies. Then tonight they go their traditional trick or treating around they street where they live. Continue reading »

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Oct 132013


I am in a bit of a daze today. I’m feeling tired and more than a little weary to say the least. I’m just working away on my Chromebook while watching video on my laptop with headphones attached so I don’t disturb anyone else. Continue reading »

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Oct 112013

Well, would be believe I have forgotten to mention yesterday that it was my nephew’s 13th birthday. Yes, I am a bad bad auntie. I forgot to mention it in my post at all.

My eldest nephew officially became a teenager yesterday. He and his family are in France on the last family hols they will have till Easter 2014. Continue reading »

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